Grooming By Laurie


Prices start at $70 for a small dog Mini-Groom.

The Mini-Groom is a great tidy-up for between grooms or pets which do not require grooming.

It includes a bath, teeth brushing, fluff dry, nails, anal glands, trim around the eyes, shave the pads, and hygiene area. I also include bows or bandanna, and spritz of cologne.

A Full-Grooming package starts at $75 for small dogs and includes the Mini-Groom plus an all over breed trim.  (Or your specialized instructions.)

I groom large dogs up to Golden Retriever size. Large dog's (shorter coat types) start at $90 for a Mini-Groom. A full coated dog with extra thick coats like a Golden Retriever  starts at $100. This includes a de-shed.

*Large Dog Full-Grooms start at $100.

EX: Standard Poodle or Doodle shave downs- $100.

*Specialized comb/hand-scissor cuts - $100-$120

*Shave-down for dogs with Golden Retriever type coats start at $100.

*Large dog Hand-scissored/

silhouette type trims or comb cuts start at $150

*Nail grinding-No charge

*Deep conditioning package is only $10 extra for small dogs and $20 for large dogs. Great for dry/irritated skin. (Required for matted dog shave downs for preventing skin irritation)

*Flea treatments are only $15 extra for small dogs and large dogs. (required if your dog has fleas) Includes a deep conditioning treatment and a Capstar Flea Control tablet which kills everything in 30 minutes for 24-48 hours

*NOTE: This is more of a flea bomb to rid your pet of everything that is on him at the time of the grooming.  You will need to follow up with flea prevention a couple days later.

*De-Matting- Please brush and comb your dog out before his appointment.  I am happy to comb or cut out a few tangles but I do not do total de-matting sessions. It is extremely painful for your dog so he will get a short hair cut if it is determined he has gone too long between grooming sessions. 

It is recommended to keep your dog in a short hair cut if daily brushing and combing at home is not an option.

If you want to keep your dog in full coat you need to have him groomed at least every 4-6 weeks and brush/comb him out daily between grooms. 

You can also schedule a mini-groom if you are going to go longer than 4 weeks between full grooms to maintain his coat.