*Absolute Convenience.  I come to you!  You will never again have to rearrange your schedule to fit in your dog's grooming appointment. I can even come while you are at work and you will arrive home to a fresh clean dog with-out the hassel!

*Your dog receives individual, one-on-one attention for the entire duration of the grooming session.  Your dog has my undivided care and attention.

*Grooming is a much more enjoyable experience for your dog.  There is lower separation anxiety because your dog never leaves your property.

*A calmer, relaxing atmosphere because there aren't any other barking dogs like in most groom shops.

*Your dog will not be waiting  for hours in crate all day.  I groom your pet start to finish.

*No hot cage dryers. All dogs are completely dried by hand and never cage-dried so there is no chance for overheating.

*Clean and sanitary  work environment.  Your dog will never run the risk of coming into contact with parasites or illnesses that can be spread by other dogs. My van is deep cleaned every day.

*Shorter grooming time.  It is no longer necessary to spend 8 hours in a grooming shop waiting while other dogs are being groomed.  Your dog is my only customer while I am  at your home.  She will receive our exclusive attention during her entire grooming.

*No chance for your dog to get carsick.

*No more transporting a dirty dog in your car.

*No more trashing your bathroom and tub with dirt and dog hair.

*Perfect solution for older or sick dogs that can no longer handle the stress of a trip to the groomer

*Benefits of Mobile Grooming*

Grooming By Laurie

Mobile Dog Grooming in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Brentwood, Franklin and Nashville